Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Final Thought...

I really enjoyed this clip on Michelle Obama. I think it shows us the kind of woman that she is and what she will contribute to our country. I really admire people who stay true to themselves and don’t forget where they come from. I wish for Michelle Obama to do great things with the opportunity that has come her way. After watching this video, I can tell that Michelle is genuine about the work that she does. I was glad to hear that the Obama’s plan to continue to raise their girls in the same way before the election. I think it is awesome that these girls will have to continue to do things for themselves like make their own beds instead of being waited on hand and foot. If you look at the way that Jenna and Barbara Bush have behaved in the last eight years, you can tell that these girls probably never had to do things for themselves. Even if Barrack Obama doesn’t get out of our economic rut, I believe that he and his family will make change in how we think of others and what we can do. All we can do is ask for change in the future even if it takes some time.

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